Hydrology Research Resources

💧 Hydrology

🌊 General

CUAHSIConsortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science
About Hydrology Email ListEmail list all about hydrology
AGU H3SHydrology Section Student Subcommittee
Young Hydrologic SocietyInitiatives by early career scientists. Useful blogs, interviews, and materials by big names!
EosEarth Science news by AGU
EGU BlogsEarth Science news by EGU
VT HydrologyExtensive links to free online resources of hydrology by Virginia Tech
About Hydrology BlogA hydrology blog by Dr. Riccardo Rigon
Circle of BluePodcast of water-related news
Hidden hydrologyStories about hydrology in modern metropolis
California Water BlogStories about hydrology in California
Maven’s NotebookBlogs about current water policies in California


HydroLearnTeaching/learning resource in Hydrology

👩‍💻 Coding

Earth LabFree online courses, tutorials, and tools for Earth Science in R & Python managed by CU Boulder
reachhydro.comLinks to long-term data records for land surface runoff etc. by Dr. Ming Pan et al.
Open Source Python Packages in Hydrologyby Raoul Collenteur
Open Source Python Packages in Hydrologyby me
NeuralHydrologyCodes, datasets, and papers using Neural network in Hydrology research by Dr. Frederik Kratzert, Dr. Daniel Klotz, Dr. Martin Gauch, and Dr. Grey Nearing

🎉 Events & summer school

CUAHSI Summer Institute7-week project-based summer camp at the National Water Center
Gordon Research Conference on Catchment HydrologyBiannual conference focused on catchment hydrology
Waterhackweek(annual?) 5-days hackason to analyze water-related data organized by University of Washington
Hydro-MLFunded until 2023?
Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences: Previous WorkshopsAnnual workshop by GSA
Graduate Climate ConferenceInterdisciplinary climate conference run by graduate students for graduate students

🏢 Science & Policy

AAAS CASE workshop4-days science policy workshop at D.C. AGU is one of the sponsor organization through which you can apply.
AMS Summer Policy Colloquium6-days science policy training in D.C.
AGU Voices-for-scienceA 12-months training on science communications and outreaches. They have the policy or communications tracks.
The Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship ProgramA 12-weeks program at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in D.C.

🔭 Career

Hydrology job boardsAn AGU H3S blog post that summarizes hydrologic job boards
About HydrologyGoogle group where people around the world disseminate job opportunities of hydrology research position

👩‍🏫 Teaching

HydroLearnor instructors to find and collaborate on developing learning modules of hydrology

🌱 Soil Moisture

International Soil Moisture NetworkA data platform of the in-situ soil moisture network around the world by TU Wien.
Soil sensorGlossary for soil moisture sensors by Campbell Scientific
For the love of soilLinks to free online resources about soil study (+ soil hydrology) by Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Pressler

🗺️ Spatio-Temporal Data

AppEEARSPoint-sample NASA DAAC dataset
Hydrology Data RodsPoint-sample NASA GES DISC datasets
NASA CMR STAC gallerlySTAC browser by Radiant Earth Foundation
Publishing in HydroShareComprehensive guideline to publish hydrologic data by CUAHSI

📶 Basic Statistics

EBPT用語集 (in Japanese)簡潔にまとまっている統計用語集。日本理学療法士学会編。

🕵️‍♀️General Research Tips

💭 Conducting research

Good Data Analysis An article by Google on practices when analysing data
研究のヒント (in Japanese)国環研・花崎先生による研究ノート
minoblog (in Japanese)研究のコツについて具体的に言語化した記事がたくさん載ってるブログ。生物系の博士課程学生編。
Hypothesis testing in hydrologyMcNight (2017)
How to keep your research projects organizedAn article by Dr. Ties de Kok
Setting up an Organized Folder Structure for Research ProjectsAn article by Dr. Nikola Vukovic
Personal Rules of Productive ResearchAn article by Dr. Eugene Vinitsky
Expectation setting (for graduate students)An article by Dr. Eugene Vinitsky

✍️ Writing / Presentation / Posters​

Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of EnglishI cannot write papers without this book!  My absolute recommendation
How to take smart notesTips on literature review
Oxford Collocation dictionaryShows collocation of a word with verbs, prepositions, adjectives etc.
Advice to Applicants of the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship ProgramUseful guidelines to write proposal with examples by Dr. Mallory P. Ladd
Poster tipsby Scientifica
Poster tipsby MIT
Review guideby Wiley

👀 Data visualization

Color BrewerWeb tool for choosing color schemes based on the research of Dr. Cynthia Brewer maintained by Axis Maps.
Color Blender Web tool for creating color gradation
bbox finderWeb tool for creating a bounding box
from-Data-to-VizCollection of a beautiful plots with a descition tree based on input data format. Python, R scripts are provided.

🛠️ My Favorite Productivity Tools

PaperpileReference manager that can be integrated with many Google apps. Much better than other free softwares! ($3/mo)
NotionNote-taking app ($4/mo)
iPad + Paperlike screen filter + Goodnote AppHardware
Framework LaptopModuler laptop that respects your right to repair
Google Drive for DesktopThe same applies to OneDrive
ThunderbirdEmail manager
VS CodeFinally switched to this code editor

✈️ 留学生活お役立ち

🌎 General

転送コム 日本の通販などからこの倉庫に荷物を送ると、世界各国に転送してくれるサービス。
numbeoLiving cost comparisons of major cities around the world. Weirdly accurate.
Work Visa USAStatistics on work visa (H1B, GC etc.). You can search by institution or enterprise name


京都大学工学部地球工学科国際コース 学生の声 / ICP at Kyoto University, Student Voice
トビタテ!留学ジャパンへの寄稿:留学生活について (temporarily closed)