Blue Gold Graduates

Past activities

Spring 2023

Led by Lauren Bolotin and Margot Mattson

Networking & Seminar event on working in environmental consulting with Kristina Hysler, PE. (Environmental Science, Permitting and Compliance Technical Leader, Vice President/Principal Engineer at WSP)

Margot Mattson (SDSU) “Characterizing multi-decadal trends in land cover change to monitor wetland habitat decline in the Colorado River delta region”
TJ Palmer (SDSU) “Quantifying and tracking trash in the San Diego River”
Saskia Salwey (Bristol University (UK)) “Developing generic reservoir operating rules for inclusion in the national-scale hydrological modelling of Great Britain”

Fall 2022

Led by Lauren Bolotin and Margot Mattson
Social ━ Mission Trail Hike

Emily Deardorff “Comparing the performance of the National Water Model to data-driven hydrological models using hydrological signatures”
Lauren Bolotin “Skill sharing workshop: Resources for identifying and downloading hydrologic data in R”
Margot Mattson “Skill sharing workshop: Introduction to Google Earth Engine”
Lauren Bolotin “Skill sharing workshop: Downloading USGS stream gauge data using R”
Anne Holt “Experience sharing: Working at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project”
Nika Tsitelashvili “Experience sharing: Designing and managing a hydropower plant in Georgia”
Cessia Caballero “The dynamics of land use and land cover change in Brazil and impacts on surface-atmosphere interactions,” see the Project website

Spring 2022

Social — Three Sisters Fall Trail Hike

Fall 2021

Margot Mattson “Coastal erosion and flooding in Guayaquil, Ecuador”
Dong-Hyun (Donny) Kim “Using landscape data to hypothesize runoff mechanism alteration in urbanized watersheds”
Lauren Bolotin “Investigating relationships between extreme hourly and sub-hourly precipitation in California”
Ryoko Araki “A unique rainfall-runoff process in a humid tropical forest in Sumatra, Indonesia”
Camila Abe “Physiographic characteristics and low flows in a small watershed of Rondonia, Brazil”
Ryoko Araki “How to Take Smart Notes”
Justin Tang “The Role of Narrow Cold Frontal Rainbands on Urban Flooding in Southern California”
Lauren Bolotin “Classifying Salinity Regimes in Western U.S. Rivers and Streams”

Social — Torrey Pines Beach Hike

Fall 2019

Cheyenne Graves “Life Cycle Analysis”
Vincent O’hara-Rhi “Assessment of oil sampling method”
Mireille Garcia “Storm water management in San Diego”
Ryoko Araki “Rainfall-runoff process in Indonesia”
Jose Calderon “”
Brent Wilder “An analytical solution for rapidly predicting post-fire peak streamflow for small watersheds in southern California”
Danielle Hunt “”
Gabriela Morales “Agricultural responses to changing water supplies in Imperial Valley, California”
Kelly Flint “”